Building semantically driven apps & games.

Our apps can listen using Automatic Speech Recognition with Google (c) Cloud Speech, Apple (c) SpeechKit APIs, or Sphinx open source project.

Our apps can speak to you using Text to Speech with (c) Acapela TTS SDK, or Voxygen (c) baratinoo SDK.

Our apps understand through Natural Language Processing with proprietary "skill engine" embedded technology.
We use machine learning with Word embedding technology (Word 2 Vec) and deep learning with Google (c) TensorFlow & SyntaxNet libraries.

L & J provides C/C++ SDK for android & iOS platforms (Natural Language Software Agents)


Engaging user experiences with human-like behaviors.

We bring life to apps using Human Behaviors Simulation with proprietary "motion engine" embedded technology.

L & J provides C/C++ SDK for android and iOS platforms (automatic real-time animations & synchronizations of video, 2D and 3D characters).

We bring joy to virtual and real life through Apple (c) SceneKit and ARKit APIs.

We use deep learning with DLIB open source project to provide face tracking for apps, games, and more.


Creating new ways to enjoy music.

We create smart mashups for users to enjoy their favorite music in new ways with proprietary real-time music signal processing algorithms (real-time beat tracking, loop extracting & audio analysis).

We create connected music experiences using connected objects such as device sensors, lightshow systems and wearable devices.


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We create apps for iOS, WatchOS, android and androidTV for our partners and clients

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French Ministry of Economy

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L&J creates and supervises R&D collaborative projects with game studios, technology & service providers, labs and universities.

ALICE project (AAP IPER-SMSC) which ran from 2010 to 2012 explored interaction between the Nabaztag, a famous connected rabbit, and the elderly, through contactless NFC technologies combined with voice control. L&J develop a 3D rabbit avatar and a vocal remote control app for the Nabaztag. Our main partner was Violet Company.

EMMA project (AAP BGLE) which ran from 2012 to 2015 developed new embedded technologies through middlewares and building blocks software for apps and games on mobile devices eco-systems. For this project, L&J developed real time processing algorithms of audio & music for music quiz use cases. Our main partners were Playsoft group & Telecom Paristech Lab.

CASSIE project (AAP LEOC) started in 2014 develops natural language processing solutions for industrial and healthcare services using machine learning & deep learning technologies. L&J's work was in creating a program for voice interactions with a loving character for use in healthcare. Our main partners were Digital Airways Company and Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble (Getalp lab).

Main projects provide SDK for third parties.

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Association for blind and visual impaired people

    Client 3

EVA project (AAP 2019) started in 2019 develops an educational voice assistant for blind and visual impaired children.

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Based in Paris, we are a passionate team creating technologies, software, and interactive multimedia content.

Thinking Of New Mobile Concepts Since 2007

L&J was founded thanks to a large background in innovative technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, embedded multimedia and voice over IP.

Our team focuses on new experiences for wearables, smartphones, tablets and connected TV ecosystems, especially on Google and Apple operating systems.

L&J creates new apps that provide real time processing to create interactive user experiences, and client based apps under specifications.

  • Scenario & Design

    We imagine new concepts and make them real. Using standard creation & post production tools, we create 2D and 3D video characters, 3D animations, videos, and audio.

  • Software architecture & development

    We are experts in C/C++ and objectiveC development. Architecture, real-time processing, 2D/3D graphics and audio/video. We are also experts in Matlab modelization and simulation.